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Javascript Tutorial Part 8 IT Career Partner For Life. Please Bookmark It.
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JavaScript is Case Sensitive A function named "myfunction" is not the same as "myFunction". Therefore watch your capitalization when
you create or call variables, objects and functions. Symbols Open symbols, like ( { [ " ', must have a matching closing symbols, like ' " ] } ). White Space JavaScript ignores extra spaces. You can add white space to your script to make it more readable. These
two lines means exactly the same: name="Hege"
name = "Hege" Break up a Code line You can break up a code line with the backslash. The example below will be displayed properly: document.write \
("Hello World!") You can insert special characters (like " ' ; &) with the backslash: document.write ("You \& I sing \"Happy Birthday\".") The example above will produce this output: You & I sing "Happy Birthday". Comments You can add a comment to your JavaScript code starting the comment with "'//": sum=a + b //calculating the sum You can also add a comment to the JavaScript code, starting the comment with "/*" and ending it with "*/" sum=a + b /*calculating the sum*/ Using "/*" and "*/" is the only way to create a multi-line comment: /* This is a comment
block. It contains
several lines*/ Examples
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