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Declaring Variables You can declare variables with the Dim, Public or the Private statement. Like this: dim name
name = some value Now you have created a variable. The name of the variable is "name". You can also declare variables by using its name in your script. Like this: name = some value Now you have also created a variable. The name of the variable is "name". However, the last method is not a good practice, because you can misspell the variable name later in your
script, and that can cause strange results when your script is running. This is because when you misspell
for example the "name" variable to "nime" the script will automatically create a new variable called "nime".
To prevent your script from doing this you can use the Option Explicit statement. When you use this
statement you will have to declare all your variables with the dim, public or private statement. Put the Option
Explicit statement on the top of your script. Like this: option explicit
dim name
name = some value Assigning Values to Variables You assign a value to a variable like this: name = "Hege"
i = 200 The variable name is on the left side of the expression and the value you want to assign to the variable is
on the right. Now the variable "name" has the value "Hege". Lifetime of Variables How long a variable exists is its lifetime.

When you declare a variable within a procedure, only code within that procedure can access or change the
value of that variable. When the procedure exits, the variable is destroyed. These variables are called local
variables. You can have local variables with the same name in different procedures, because each is
recognized only by the procedure in which it is declared.

If you declare a variable outside a procedure, all the procedures in your script will recognize it. These
variables exists from the time they are declared until the time the script is finished running. Array Variables
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